Television trivia is probably so popular now because the days of almost every home having a television are long gone, and now most homes have several. Before the onset of the internet, television was the primary distribution method for both entertainment and information, and it still remains the means by which most people receive both of those things. The television first became available to the general public in different parts of the world in the late nineteen thirties.

In the early days of television, broadcasts and sets only operated in black and white. There were early inventions that were capable of broadcasting in color even before the TV had become a household appliance, however none succeeded. RCA became the first company to make color TV sets widely available. The first color broadcast in North America took place in 1953. The color TV didn’t become the standard in most homes until the sixties however.

The advances in the technology behind television sets have continued to advance. The advent of the flat screen technology began the transition to televisions which could display in higher clarity, but LCD and Plasma screens are now the norm in most homes. The current advancements are in the changing of television broadcasts from an analog to digital format. Additionally, broadcasting in high definition signal is now offered by most major networks, and every satellite and cable provider offers hi-def channels.

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